There is not a great deal

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For Agility, I recommend doing the Brimhaven arena + tickets until 55 so that it is possible to RS gold go until the Wildy, which gives you like 500 XP per run. It doesn't sound like a good deal but if you do not really pay attention to what you are clicking, you'll end up increasing those last five levels fairly quickly.

Smithing, I did the Artisan's Workshop - but the ingots downstairs. There is not a great deal of clicking included, and the xp is pretty consistent. Farming, just plant whatever maximal level that you have, then leave. It is that easy. That is about all I can think of atm. Of course, these are merely the methods I've used/would usage, therefore if someone else has another opinion, then that is fantastic! Keep us posted!

There have been lots of topics like this before, but now its my turn. My friend quit now, he offered me his cash, I did not need to take it but he forced me to. But , I finally have a 43m budget. What Armour should I get? Please include boots and gloves and even weapon in potential. Please clarify how good this is above, just how far over of my funding it would be (Use berserker ring and dfs included) and suggest anything else I could change.

Okay, I'll use the setup I said on the very first post, but I will try to buy osrs gold safe acquire barrows gloves along with a berserker. My next question is what armor should I use to combat bandos? I'd also attempt borrow claws for your trips. Or even better, get a fighter torso and use the BCP cash to buy claws.