Why We Should Worry About OSRS's Future

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Off the bat. This post will probably be extended. My apologies, please try to keep with me. Although this post is extremely critical of recent modifications to RS07 Gold -- real and suggested -- I want to stress that I'm thankful for all the hard work Jagex employees have put into RuneScape. I appreciate attempts and your passion. However, Jagex's hard work does not obviate certain concerns I have for the near future of RuneScape. As a community we must be worried about the proposed slayer upgrade. Not just because of the update itself, but what it implies to development choices.

I believe we're in a dangerous crosswords -- (a few of) the warning signs: meta-shifting Slayer updates, Ezscape, and unpolled, large PvP upgrades --which reflect a disconnect about where Jagex sees the future of RuneScape, and also in which the gamers want RuneScape to proceed. I fear Jagex has lost sight of what OSRS is; that is about from the company that gave EOC to us. Since the Reddit community is aware, there has been backlash from the Slayer upgrade. Criticisms have focused on a plethora of issues, but maybe the biggest is that using the 15% damage/accurate bonus of the Slayer Helmet into a boss-only Slayer Master, could be incredibly overpowered and could forcefully shift the entire PvM meta.

Rather than address this foundational issue -- that this update is too big, too meta-shifting, too much buff -- Jagex, at a tone-deaf response, has focused on smaller"concessions" (more on this later). Jagex's approach is not malicious by any stretch, but it is an example of"losing the forest for the trees." This update cannot and shouldn't be viewed as a collection of suggestions that are discrete to be viewed in vacuum.

Well, let's think foundationally: what's OSRS? As most know, OSRS is significantly more popular than RS3. There are many reasons for this, however, most basically, it comes to nostalgia (for childhood); and also a series of extremely unpopular changes in RS3. The changes include, most notably EOC, trade removals and wilderness, as well as a general drive towards Microtransactions, EzScape, and DailyScape. In other words, the achievement of OSRS could be viewed as a backlash against RS3: and, more specifically, a backlash against many changes.

It's unsurprising, then, that in OSRS Jagex has polled many of the changes that are in-game that are most critical. They want to avoid the pitfalls that resulted in RS3. Given the backdrop of the failures of RS3, I write to remind we want CONSERVATIVE updates, that do not fundamentally change RuneScape. Mind you, that doesn't mean"no new upgrades " New content is required to maintain RuneScape new and people. People are weary of content which lacks an feel: content that is overly meta-shifting and overpowered. The projected Slayer update ventures in this land.

Indeed, in its own blog post, Jagex describes just 1 part of the proposal as:"This seems mad powerful, right? That's as it is." Developers need to be weary they are presiding over a fanbase which is weary of changes. The Slayer suggestion is a change. This seems dropped on Jagex, that has been extremely disheartening. I will not go into detail with all the slayer changes, as reasoned criticisms have covered those during this forum. However, I would like to reiterate that my issue isn't with any 1 proposal in vacuum; it is about the very nature of the shift itself.

The issue here is that change is too meta-shifting and too powerful. It runs afoul of why players favor OSRS over RS3 of the principles. The Slayer Helmet is the most significant offender. The 15% damage/accuracy bonus changes the PvM bossing meta. Sure, in certain instances, a player may still want to farm a boss off-task, let us say for reasons. But out of that? This slayer master offers an and leveling-method. For all those concerned with"EZSCAPE," -- that remains one of the biggest criticisms of RS3 -- that is a poor offender.

The 15 percent damage/accuracy bonus doesn't just allow for greater kills per hour, it enables players to skip certain boss mechanisms, save on supplies, and also to perish less; the benefits are more than the usual 15% enthusiast to bossing, as they are multiplicative. None of this even cites task storage, divine reliquary (nerfing GWD), or boss teleport scrolls, all which further buff the participant and simplify the content.

Just as Slayer is loved by the participant base, people do not want PvM to revolve around a single skill. In this way, it is meta-shifting. And there are real concerns, articulated all-over this forum, that link to over-crowding along with the in-game market. Given the curt dismissal of those concerns of Jagex, I'm not convinced they have thought through the implications of the meta-shift.

This may be the section, so let me start with a disclaimer. I believe Jagex are an incredibly gifted and enthusiastic staff -- and I am so grateful for their efforts. HOWEVER, while fire is good in doses, it becomes problematic when it gives way. I believe Jagex staff were overly-defensive of these suggestions, that has led to a disconnect using the player-base regarding the management of RuneScape. All these are apparent in the tone-deaf reaction of Jagex.

The first blog post. Very few criticisms here, though, as mentioned, I found it strange that Jagex confessed how overpowered these proposals were (such as the since-scrapped proposal that the slayer boss use to raids), and yet still made the proposals anyway. I get that Jagex is attempting to test-the-waters, but it seems they would even attempt with these kinds of proposals. In addition, while I love Mod Arcane's excitement and enthusiasm, the entire article came off as very presumptuous (e.g., this upgrade is happening, get excited people).

And while it's fine to hear that bossing is Mod Arcane's"favourite thing to do," awarded the following responses by Jagex, it gives credence to the idea that Jagex is placing their personal prejudice prior to the wants of the participant base. Changes to RuneScape must NOT revolve around a specific moderator(s)' pet project. They ought to be thoughtfully attuned to what the gamers themselves desire. The response on Reddit has been unequivocal: WE DON'T WANT THIS.

Responses to feedback. That is where Jagex has really screwed up. Jagex issued a response that totally ignored the core complaints regarding the slayer update, after lecturing a few of the critical posters that their feedback would be considered in modifications and not to stress. Again, the issue here is this suggestion that is overpowered and meta-shifting was. The Slayer Helmet was the criticism. Jagex simply ignored.

Great, you fought the concept that the slayer helmet should use to Olm, that was an INSANE suggestion that OSRS Gold For Sale has been doomed on arrival (and which you even acknowledged from the Blog Post was controversial ). Another"concessions" have likewise concerned smaller issues that don't address the player base's core complaints. Jagex: you have a disconnect problem and a issue. This produces the players nervous.