Skillcape of smithing and some thing else

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Dress in RS gold colours similar to the ore they are mining, the trees they are cutting, or the flax they are picking. Attempt to lure them in a dangerous area, or away from you. Most modern bots aren't this stupid, however, so this method isn't always very efficient. Plant marker seeds onto the squares that they click. A couple of macros out there will probably have a set pattern for clicking, and when there's something in their own manner it may put them off by some pixels... enough to make them click in all the wrong areas. In case you've got a pet or summoning familiar, place said comfortable on areas where they may be clicking, like on flax. This may confuse them or atleast prevent them from accepting that thing.

If you're in a member's world, cast tele-other onto them. If they're dumb enough to have accept aid on, they will be greeted by a large window appearing at their display, effectively disorienting them. If they're doing something that needs wielding an item, forfeit a gnomeball by pitching them. This can make them unequip their hatchet/pickaxe/net to catch the balland therefore give them less inventory space. Additionally, this may cause them to accidentally bank or even shed their hatchet/pickaxe/net, and they won't have the ability to skill . Doesn't work; they will need to have both palms open. Hope I helped, or atleast, gave you a few interesting ideas to tease macros! Enjoy!

Skillcape of smithing and some thing else

that I had/have no real problems with this quest; I would simply like to talk about the following piece of light-hearted humour I discovered in this quest: After you talk to the knight and to Reldo, you visit Thurgo. Right-click to select Talk-to Thurgo; the next two choices seem: Skillcape of smithing, Something else. Thurgo smiles and answers,"it is a skillcape of smithing. Shows that I am a master blacksmith, but naturally that's just to be expected. I am an Imcando dwarf after all and everybody knows we're the best blacksmiths."

Two ) Now, right-click and Talk-to Thurgo again. Are you currently an Imcando Dwarf?" Thurgo states,"Perhaps. Who buy RS3 gold wants to know?" (Thurgo's eyebrows demonstrates he's not happy because he replies.)