Ridiculous Customized nba2k

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What a sweet, sweet boy. Another excellent addition to this monster squad. I love you could still create these monstrosities in matches. I used to do exactly the exact same on some WWE match on the original XBox. Right? Back then it always seemed like an overlooked method to abuse game mechanisms to me. I meanit is. But nowadays it's a lot more apparent to me that the developers were most likely completely conscious of it and just left it because they didn't care. Just a small treat for everyone.

If you want to see more, I suggest trying monster factory on yt - it's a string where two brothers try their very best to make the worst looking critters possible in a variety of games. They got into some legal trouble because of it when they made a character that looked like Bart Simpson. I can not believe that video is up on YouTube. I mean, honestly... if you examine the thumbnail it's impossible to not see Bart. It's just like him! Take it to the bank boys, this one's just like bart! There is a industry here... A few dev needs to make a sports match with increased customization limitations. But proper physics have to be applied too. Just like if you make a dude with enormous arms, the weight should be calculated and so his legs would have to be girthy short tree trunks to support that weight.NBA2K21 - This is a game about Luck, not skill.

Shooting in NBA2K20 was much simpler than in 2K21 we all understand that but I wish to discuss why 2K's match this year is not fun and it goes further beyond the shooting mechanics of this game.

The regular NBA games are fine for the most part but there are still some misuse of NBA MT Coins mechanisms such as baseline drive animations which are seemingly unguardable together with the average NBA player. The contest system is far better for everyone, particularly guards although (even without intimidator) on the inside and it requires players to set displays and force mismatches that's good because it's imitating a real well thought out baseball play. No problems here. No I dont want to be stepping back with a two way slashing playmaker, but I would like to get a chance of being rewarded for setting up a teammate using a 75 3pt. Rewarding poor defense by leaving someone wide open because they dont have a 90+ three point shot has to be repaired, since this promotes paint sitting that also hinders slashers from playing properly too.

2K also incorporated a shot stick which really is different and pretty cool but there is not any reason to use it if you're able to shoot consistently with the button. If youre planning to Cheap 2K MT employ a new mechanic, give it a reason for folks to use it. They ought to create the green window bigger or more consistent for those people with typical 3pt shots in order to encourage practicing the mechanic and forcing the defense to actually play basketball defense.