I liked the film deals and representatives from older Maddens

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Superstar/Face of Madden 21 coins those Franchise-I don't mind a narrative or whatever to get you started and at the league. I really enjoy it in 2K but once you get in the grove things and enjoying in the league there should once more be off the field or in game demonstration to make you feel like you're a celebrity. I believe 2k does this nicely right now with Ingame/Post match interviews, exemptions, contracts that matter for the player and team chemistry and lovers. I like the idea of year senarios but I think there needs to be a good deal more so it doesn't feel like it does now which is just Franchise but you control one dude. I liked the film deals and representatives from older Maddens.

Take all what RealTalk stated, add in -training camps, -position battles, -AI-logic discussions (the player that wins the position battle wants out, or an underutilized player demands a transaction, somebody has a career year wants a new contract, for cases ) -stronger OL play -energetic audiences -training development. Nothing fancy, really, since most of this they accomplished in the early to mid'00's. Ugh, the sole reason I am purchasing is cause my Titans are good now. I believe the last one I bought was 19, I'm honestly completely content just buying every additional year, or even 3 sometimes, I think the one I bought before that has been 16. I hate to support the bullshit copy paste thing that they do year to year but I really don't think my $60 is gonna really make a difference. Did anyone notice running the chunk is exceptionally simpler this year?

I really don't understand what important improvements and gaps you folks were expecting. There's not even a soccer season happening. All these devs have been in the home for months on quarantine. Even if they were able to go to work, they all had to remain 6 ft apart while trying to put this game together. There was only so much they can do. I'm surprised a game came out at all. My bum. Even if they're, why are they releasing a half baked game at $60 if they're"focusing on following gen." Its fucking scumbag behavior. Since they did so to get m15 too. You will receive it for free on following gen. All companies are being made to make their late old gen releases free for new gen so firms are not gonna place much resources to a soon to be obsolete game. Would not make sense. They have announced some tremendous things for next gen increasingly more will be declared too. Again it's happened before. It's what they're doing.

It kinda bothers me that most of these are prefaced with"fans have been asking for this for many years" and we know they did not start developing these modifications until about a month or 2 ago in the least. What disturbs me is they might have fixed this at anytime throughout the previous console generation and have refused to. "That is something fans have wanted for years" by stating that they're acknowledging they understand what we want and have blatantly refused to actually do it. It's ridiculous that it required several viral anti-EA social networking campaigns along with a 0 metacritic score for them to cheapest mut 21 coins give us the bare minimum we wanted.