Some Tips For Entering New World Public Test Realm

Before you jump into testing out the new content, here are just a couple things to be aware of when you start playing the New World PTR.

To collect possible errors in the game before the New World update, Amazon Games launched the New World Public Test Realm. Players can experience the upcoming content in New World here. Before you jump into testing out the new content, here are just a couple things to be aware of when you start playing the New World PTR.

Choose a starting level based on the experience you want

After we enter the New World Public Test Realm, you can choose a level. Choose different levels, the equipment players can obtain and the tasks that need to be completed are different. At the same time, your starting level also determines your attributes.

If you would like to experience the organic flow of the game with the brand-new quest styles, brand-new adversary wide arrays, as well as "brand-new and improved" primary storyline quests, you'll begin at level 2 and also get some suitable starting armor, weapons, as well as tools.

If you're fascinated in battling the new adversary group, the Varangian Raiders, the level 16 beginning point is actually for you. You'll start along with some strengthened weapons as well as armor, as well as even some bag choices.

If you would like to experiment with the brand-new endgame information, including the new Legendary Weapon Quest collection, then beginning at level 60 is your greatest option. You will certainly possess a virtually difficult quantity of weapons and armor to select from after generating your character.

Don't open the gift items in the game at will

Whatever level you opt for to start at, do closed all the action tester cartons as well as bags they provide you when you spawn in. As unopened compartments, they take up concerning 5 extra pounds of room in your inventory, yet if you open each of them up after that your stock are going to be loaded with countless pounds of gear, weapons, consumables, tools, and also gems.

How to find Abigail Rose in Everfall and start the new Varangian quest

Among the brand new features included in the PTR is a purpose that deals with the brand-new foe team, the Varangian Raiders. To get this pursuit, you must locate Abigail Rose in the western wilds of Everfall.

After you give rise to in as a level 16, convert in your 1st pursuit just before moving to Everfall. Switch left in the direction of the brand new spots Stonereach Keep.

She'll tell you the Keep was actually once her home just before an unrecognizable team of soldiers appeared. She'll offer you a level 20 journey called Tenacious Rose, inquiring you to check out the Keep to identify why the Raiders are right here. This starts the journey series.