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Dinstar GSM Gateway offers an incredibly simple way to monitor remote assets.

Dinstar GSM Gateway offers an incredibly simple way to monitor remote assets. The powerful, battery backed-up GSM module, broad range of connectivity options, and broad range of data interface options make the Dinstar GSM gateway the perfect option for monitoring remote assets. The ability to monitor remote assets can be invaluable. The Dinstar GSM gateway makes this possible via its power-backed GSM module, which offers a shorter response time than traditional paging networks, making it more reliable. Power-backed GSM means that even if power were cut to the device, the Dinstar GSM gateway would still be able to send alerts to subscriber phones. Another benefit of the Dinstar GSM gateway

All VoIP Gateways are Not the Same

Dinstar gsm gateway is a VoIP gateway that provides for cost-effective and reliable cellular and mobile connectivity. The company’s latest release, the Dinstar gsm gateway for residential and small office, provides a cost-effective solution for voice, text and data services. Capable of handling more than 50 simultaneous devices, the new gateway offers users with plenty of bandwidth to run all their home or small office services. And because the device operates over

GSM/HSPA+/HSPA/UMTS/EDGE networks, it offers a seamless and transparent voice and data service to the end user.

Important note:

The below article is purely informative and is not condoning or promoting any one activity or service. Often times, you’ve made the investment in your business by purchasing a phone system to handle all of your phone needs. This is a wise decision as a phone system can significantly increase efficiency and work productivity. When you have a GSM gateway, the VoIP service can be connected to your business phone system through a router to provide you with the best of both worlds.

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