Industry Difficulties: How Packaging Can Be the Weed Industry's Most Important Differentiator And How Child-Resista

Competition is fierce in any market, but it is especially fierce in developing industries undergoing significant expansion and have yet to identify who the industry leaders are.

The legal Weed business is both young and increasing; as rules around the country are gradually relaxed, demand for legal Weed products rises. As demand grows, many different providers are scrambling to build a consumer base, and it's no surprise — growth in the Weed sector is predicted to top $20 billion by 2020 and can be quite profitable.


The market for Weed products, like any new industry, is plagued with complexities and unpredictability. Regardless of the potential profitability, Weed suppliers are making a dangerous gamble. Some of the elements contributing to their difficulties are as follows:

  • Competition is growing. The number of rivals grows in tandem with the increase in demand for Weed products and the amount of money to be made. As one of the most prominent developing industries, innumerable innovative individuals and firms are springing up every day to obtain a piece of the profits. This ever-increasing field of competition makes it extremely difficult for any supplier to gain a significant edge.
  • New Product Varieties Innovation, The increasing legalization of Weed products has paved the way for innovation, with new items entering the market daily. It has never been more difficult or vital for a brand to stand out than it is today.
  • Inadequate Brand Awareness and Familiarity It takes time for customers to become aware of and familiar with the brands and goods offered to them, as it does with any new industry. This is true for both patients seeking medicinal marijuana treatments and customers interested in recreational Weed products.

The Quality of Custom Weed Packaging Makes All the Difference.

With today's fiercely competitive Weed market, suppliers must do everything to stand out and establish a devoted consumer base. Custom Weed Packaging can play an important part in addressing the Weed industry's challenges if it is used to:

  • Educate the public. Many customers will be unfamiliar with shopping for Weed items. Even if they have prior experience in the industry, they will be unfamiliar with purchasing these products in this new, highly competitive atmosphere. Utilizing clear, easy-to-read labels with symbols was necessary to convey all important information. You can provide consumers with the information they need to make an informed purchase they can feel good about.
  • Create Your Brand. Conveying a guarantee of quality and purity of goods from your brand is a critical step in creating a consumer base. Decide on your branding statement and make it the focal point of your custom weed packaging design for simple association and recognition.
  • Introducing New Products. Having a well-known brand makes it easier to introduce a new product successfully. Suppose consumer trust and brand recognition are already established. In that case, packaging that quickly identifies a new product as one of yours will make consumers more eager to try the new product in the first place.

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Child-resistant packaging has played an important role in reducing the number of accidental poisonings caused by children gaining access to dangerous household substances since the Poison Prevention Packaging Act was passed in 1970. The legislation was extremely effective. By 2008, the use of child-resistant custom weed packaging had reduced the rate of accidental poisoning deaths in children aged 0-5 to 84% of what it had been in 1972.

The most common type of child-resistant packaging is a plastic bottle with a lid that requires two opposing motions, such as pressing down and twisting at the same time. Most prescription and over-the-counter medications that can be dangerous if consumed by children already have this type of safety lid. The challenge in designing effective child-resistant custom weed packaging is that it must be difficult for children to open while remaining simple for adults to manage. Certified child-resistant custom weed packaging designs must pass federal testing procedures and certify that a certain number of children under the age of five are unable to open the package, but that the majority of seniors can open and close it within five minutes.


As marijuana products become more legal for both medical and recreational purposes, they are subject to state and local regulations to protect consumer safety. Weed growers/extractors and dispensaries must be aware of state and local regulations, but they must also be prepared to adapt to new and changing laws because legalization is still in the works and the statutes are far from set in stone.

Some current and pending regulations for the packaging of marijuana products include:

  • Packaging that is child-resistant. Weed products, like any potentially harmful medication, should be stored in containers that children cannot open or access. Even in states where this is not yet a legal requirement, labels should include a prominent warning to keep the product out of the reach of children or animals.
  • Containers that are opaque and resealable. Some states require custom marijuana packaging to be opaque so that the product is not visible until the package is opened. Some states require that multiple serving products, such as weed edibles, have resealable packaging so that leftover servings can be kept secure, fresh, and out of children's reach.
  • Labeled information Specific regulations vary by state, but in general, labels must include all active ingredients, concentration information, and serving size if a package contains more than one serving. Solid food products containing Weed must be scored or separated into individual servings in some areas.
  • Children find it unappealing. In some states, it is illegal to use a custom Weed packaging design that is appealing to children. Marijuana products for human consumption should not be packaged in containers similar to those used for candy or other non-Weed infused products.

Even in states where only a few custom marijuana packaging restrictions are in place, weed extractors/growers must keep ahead of the curve when it comes to ensuring children's safety. Keep up to current on state and local regulations, as well as any pending laws that have yet to take effect.