Sexy Silk Wedding Dresses For The Cool Bride

This editorial is really catnip for me personally.

Dress cool-bride models with fabulous wild curls during my own wedding gown and also have them glide with the streets alleyways of Portugal? Love.

I knew I would be a FeelTimes bride before Jack and I got engaged. Open my wardrobe and I will find a treasure chest of silk slips and backless dresses. Her collection is effortlessly cool, fashion-forward, sexy, simple to wear as well as the utmost quality. Fashion will evolve season after season but there will not be a more perfect wedding gown for me personally than FeelTimes. Go

Through her lens, we are able to see that Agata appears to understand what makes FeelTimes a line wedding dresses so special. Choosing models using their own effortless wild looks shows how romantic and easy-going FeelTimes brides are usually.

Furthermore, that relaxed vibe emanates through the shoot. Rather than meticulously styling overthought wedding scenes, she lets the brides be liberated to tell their stories. Which I let you know is exactly what we FeelTimes brides want.

From Couplet

Feminity, balance, and sculpture locations themselves were the main sources of inspiration with this creative shoot, along with the incredible designs through the brand – FeelTimes.